Pamela Jeffery- a role model to our community


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Pamela Jeffery, a woman who opens doors for diversity and equality is one of my inspirations to become a woman with positive power. Mrs. Jeffery is the founder of The Jeffery Group Limited, Women’s Executive Network, and Canadian Board Diversity Council. In the video she discusses the importance of diversity at board tables, and how the lack of diversity in board tables can affect final outcomes. I completely agree with her statements that when there is a lack of diversity on board tables, the company is missing a key to open its golden-door of success.  Mrs. Jeffery believes that diversity of thought can lower corporate risks. When there is diversity the view points anScreen Shot 2014-08-01 at 10.33.45 AMd ideas are much flavorful. This is not the early 1900s where women are seen as inferior to men or white skin is superior to coloured skin, it is 2014 where people are open to vitality.

In the video above she also states three key motives for the lack of diversity in board tables. Frist, in the hiring process directorships are not advertised to create less space to accept diversity.  Second, the selection process is not rigorous where individuals recruit from their own networks. This point again validates the notion that the big business corporates are too afraid get closer towards diversity because some have ‘change phobia’ (fear of the a new change that can occur). Third reason, the selection criteria asks for CEO experience when women are disqualified for leadership at a corporate level.  Mrs. Jeffery further explains that one does not need CEO experience to be effective, instead one should have the power to take on responsibilities and perpetuate effective leadership skills.  These reasons are current and real, even though it is pretty pathetic that’s the bitter truth. So this is when Women’s Executive Network, and Canadian Board Diversity Council is helpful for our community because it provides a strong network and initiatives to empower women to stand up for what they are capable of doing. After watching this video, my respect goes to Pamela Jeffery for being such a great role model for our community.

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After all its about equality! there is nothing wrong with it, so why not practice it.

Tinu Silva.