What Does It Mean?


Those kisses, hugs, cuddles, walks, talks and laughs —
were once unlimited.
Now, even with force it’s limited.

Tell me what is love,
is love facing problems?
is love racing fathoms?
What is love?

I wish for a proper kiss everyday,
Yes, every-single-day.
I get quarter of a full kiss, with force.
I can’t remember how it feels to get a kiss, full dose.
I can’t remember how “I love you” came naturally through a kiss.
Again, I ask, what is love?

I can’t remember the butterflies dancing in my belly.
Now it’s almost a feeling that’s silly.
At least one day I’ll get one.
I hope it comes before tomorrow’s sun.
What is love? I’m curious now.

I loved the breath of a kiss,
I loved how my heart was heavy full of roses during a kiss,
I loved how soft lips took control over my eyes during a kiss,
I loved how natural emotions danced during a kiss.
Hoping for a kiss is now a bitch.

What does it mean?
Love is more,
It may be slow,
it’s not the kiss though,
So let go.
Yes, the sorrow.

Tinu S.

Reader’s note: I am no life coach, but I know I can relate to some girls my age. This poem is to remind that love is way more than one small act. Love carries too much good stuff. If you think love can be determined by just a kiss—or just one act—I would question what love means.

Side note, this is a fiction poem! “I” doesn’t quite mean it’s the writer—or me.