Short Story: The “Smart” Friend 

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Google Definition of Smart
We had few friends over for tea this evening. Along with tea we served a Mexican cake we love. It was a joyful evening with talks and laughs.  We talked about flowers, cars, jobs, marriages, countries and much-much-much more. Let’s say, it was a talkative night.
This one particular Friend loves to talk and talk and talk. Then talk a little more. Let’s put it into perspective, you give this Friend any topic as random as ants, yes the insects. He can talk for about an hour about the ants and finish off with Bees stadium in Utah because that has an animal and not relevant–at all.That’s how much he talks. Don’t get me wrong, he is a really cool Friend though.

He is a business professional at a leading company here in the U.S. In fact, he is so smart and so special –in a good way–he straight came from his country for this white-collar job. He is so “smart”–note, I’m using quotes associating the word smart, you will see why later on—the company is sponsoring him for permanent residency in the U.S.

 Now hear this, he has only done an undergrad. No masters degree and no PhD. Just one undergrad, and look at all the achievement, huh. I mean, people don’t need so many degrees to show if they’re smart, but that’s  what some egotistical people think. A degree is just a degree. Anyway, this is not about the Friend’s post-secondary degree. Well, having said all of that, you have created a persona about this so called Friend in your head, right.  Wait, don’t get your hopes too high yet.

Listen to this, hypothetically–obviously you’re reading not listening to me, unless you’re using an e-reader. During this tea talk, the friends were talking about how every country that shares a land usually has some sort of a conflict amongst them. At least, according to the Friend. Example, like India and  Pakistan, and he goes on to list such nations. Then makes this very astonishing claim “only Australia and New Zeland are the countries who share a land and doesn’t have a problem”. Awkward pause. Faces amongst us went *surprised emoji*😳😳. We all –with a low tone– said, you do know that those countries are surrounded by the ocean and are not connect to any land in between? This oh-so “smart” Friend said “really!?!? Well, that makes sense why those two countries doesn’t have complicated issues”.

Now you know, why there is a difference between “smart” folks and smart folks.