Questions I Ask: Daily Struggles After Weight loss

I lose weight, and that’s great; People comment on my achievement, brings excitement; I get more attention, that’s validation.The list goes on for me on the things I face after I lost weight.

Then I get to enjoy all these dresses I was never able to wear before my weight loss. While I enjoy my so called “new-found-body” —as some like to say— reality check hits right on my face. I have to maintain the new-found-body.


Here’s what I ask while trying to maintain the ­new-found-body:

  •  Did my clothes just shrink or is it me?
  • Is the scale not working right or is it me?
  • Are those some extra carbs I’ve been eating or am I going back to my old eating habits?
  • Holiday pounds are not burning down, will those pounds I lost crawl back in?
  • Asking my partner 5 times a day, “from that angle do I look like I’ve gained weight”? (Note that he is partly obligated to tell what he really sees.)
  • Did my arms always jiggle like this when I reached to get a cup of water or have I gained more weight?
  • Is it the mirror not positioned right or is it how I look?
  • Am I still eating right?

On my first blog about my weight loss I talked about self-confidence. Even though I’ve gain self-confidence shortly after my weight loss, I’ve lost it again. I wouldn’t be constantly asking these questions if I’ve developed better self-confidence.

As I’ve also mentioned in that first blog about asking the question pretty loud in my mind, AM I HAPPY? Yes, I am happy when I go to buy clothes, but I am stressing out on a daily basis asking those negative-stress-triggering questions like a broken record in my head.

Later on, the definition of happiness became an ambiguous word to me. Suddenly, the clear definition of happiness wiped off my dictionary. In the search of happiness, while maintaining my weight has become a learning curve. I’ve learnt to accept the idea of moderation in a more practical level.

Moderation & Reality 


  • Eating moderately is actually a little challenging than following a strict diet—believe me I’m not even kidding when I say that. I’m now allowing myself to eat a donut in the middle of the week and skip those potatoes or carbs from my dinner.
  • I really started to stop panicking about weight gain, and recognized how to balance my food in take. I know myself. I won’t stick to ANY strict diet for the next number of  years living here on Earth, that’s the reality. As a matter of fact, I don’t stick to anything that’s too strict on me.
  •  Everyone’s reality is different. Just because Mr. I-Know-It-All said that’s his reality, remember that it’s his version of the reality. See through your custom made set of realities, and work with those. My reality is that I simply don’t like inflexible-stiff-one-way-structured principles in life. Part of my reality is that I know if I can control myself to understand flexible healthy eating habits, I would stick to it forever.
  • In fact, I read this great article that explains about what does it really mean to moderate successfully. It’s a short read. I would invite you to check it out, it’s called Moderation: Making you sicker and fatter, or keeping you sane?
  • After all YOLO, right! Eat what you like and learn to still love your body.

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