Weight Loss Support Group: Drivers Of Motivation

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  • As I’ve mentioned before in my first weight loss blog, I had some amazing friends motivating me through every step. These friends had either lost weight before me, lost weight with me, or lost weight after me. I like to call them my support group. Staying motivated was the biggest challenge during our journey, having friends to talk about it was comforting.
  • The immense motivation and courage I got from my support group was a huge game changer. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a HUGE difference between support group and social media sharing (or some like to refer it as social media shaming). There was a reason why we were not super active on social media announcing our weight loss journey. It takes a great deal of  courage to put yourself out there, especially your body. I decided to start making my weight loss journey a story, which  I can share in public, after my first year anniversary of maintaining my weight loss. Why? here’s my simple answer, I didn’t want to be laughed at.
  • Two years later, I asked my support group the kind of advice they would give others about weight loss or maintaining weight loss.  Here’s what they had to say…



Weight loss, motivation, courage

Others said:

  1. “Staying motivated is a real struggle”

  2. “Learning to love your body”

  3. “Controlling and balancing food and working out”

  4. “Why do we all hate working out?”

  5. “Society Should Shut Up”

  6. “Feeling proud of what we’ve accomplished”

  7. “Understanding my body is different from others”

  8. “Feeling guilty after eating a huge craving meal”

  9. “Will I ever gain all that weight back”  

  • As we all know, we have “friends” on social media who are really not our friends. Instead there are more present on social media as gossip management databases, with a very high level of accurate data collection queries solely operated with toxic intentions. Therefore, I felt safe with my small circle of friends who didn’t laugh at me, instead laughed with me. They even rewarded me with words of kindness and love.
  •  My support group and I decided to open ourselves to each other because it was motivational and not judgmental. We created a safe space within each other. Yes, it takes a lot of trust from both parties to do this. I hope you find the right support group if you’re in a weight loss journey as well.

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