What are Institutional Scholarships?


When I see the words FREE MONEY my first thought is “What’s the Catch?”. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and I believe that. That’s the case with scholarships too: they’re free money but you don’t get them without putting in some work. You get scholarships for getting good grades in school, presenting a paper or project on related subject matter in an application, or even for accomplishments in athletics or the community. One type of scholarship is an institutional scholarship.

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What are institutional scholarships?

Scholarships awarded to students who plan to attend specific institutions.

Where can I find institutional scholarships?

After you pick a college or university you can contact your institution’s financial aid and/or scholarship department to find out more information [about available scholarships]. In fact, you may even get an entrance scholarship upon your acceptance. You can also simply do a web search for scholarships at the institution.
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Every college and university has its own process—generally, they’re similar, but unique enough that you need to pay attention to each institution’s process. Understanding scholarship requirements for each school is a great way to start the process.
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Click on the links below to go to the scholarship information page for many of the Utah-based institutions.

Utah State University

University of Utah

Weber State University

Westminster College

Brigham Young University

Dixie State University

Roseman University

Salt Lake Community College

Snow College

Southern Utah University

Utah Valley University

Weber State University

Western Governors University

Westminster College

Remember, scholarships are money you don’t have to pay back. So, if this is money you don’t have to pay back and helps pay for college, why not learn more about it and apply.

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