Watch: COVESTRO Material World

Extensive material eye candy for German material science behemoth COVESTRO.

This material exploration resulted in a montage of developed designs, in our own color mood that reflects our way of seeing this world. Here is the actual work for the client, in COVESTRO brand colors:

We were happy to convince an open minded client to embark with us on a journey of exploration, rather than knowing in the beginning what would be the results in the end. They just knew they could trust us and it would turn out exciting, and it proved worthwhile for everyone.

Sound and music magic for both our material study and the final film by the magnificent Michael Fakesch.

Name: Covestro Image Film “Why Not?”
Resolution: FHD 1080p
Length: 1.15 (0.45 Directors Cut)
Versions: Official (Black) and Directors Cut (Fresh), D, Eng Voice Over and Supers
Year: 2017
Agency: Serviceplan Cologne
Client: Covestro

Concept: foam Studio
Art Direction: foam Studio
Design: foam Studio
Animation: foam Studio
Production: foam Studio
Music/Sound: Michael Fakesch (both official and DC)